Dec 182008
 December 18, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on St George’s Lunch Club Christmas Meal
Yesterday I took Freya to St George’s Lunch Club for lunch. It was really good and Freya behaved herself impeccably – it lasted over two hours. I don’t think for £5 per adult and £2 per child you can beat that.   We had crackers, wine, a three course meal and the children were given a [...]
Dec 162008
 December 16, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Christmas Party at St George’s
Today was the Christmas Party at St George’s Family Group. It was very good, there was an entertainer, bouncy castle and lots of food – even a chocolate fountain. Freya got to meet Father Christmas, but was a little apprehensive.
Sep 022008
 September 2, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Tropical Wings with St George’s Playgroup
Yesterday we went to Tropical Wings with St George’s Playgoup. There were about twenty of us all together and we went in a small coach. It was a good day and we saw a lot of animals from butterflies, giant tortoises and wallabies – the children particularly enjoyed the parrot and rat shows and playing [...]
Jul 232008
 July 23, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on End of Term Party
It was the last day at St George’s Family Group yesterday and we had a party. There was a bouncy castle, then some party food and finally a nursery rhyme disco. The children all had a great time and left with a present of a ball and an ice-cream.
May 042008
 May 4, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Community Garden Makeover
Yesterday I went over to St George’s Garden to help Kim (see photo) try and do something with the garden. The plan is to make it a more attractive place and also to make it child friendly so that we can use it for the Family Group which I co-run every Tuesday morning. Fr Britto [...]