Nov 032016
 November 3, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Remembrance Art Trail
Saw a moving installation today which is part of the Remembrance Art Trail.
May 082011
 May 8, 2011  Posted by  Comments Off on Did you know?

You can use the RSS feeds which are on the right hand menu – you probably only need the Entries RSS.  The benefit of RSS feeds is that you will be notified of all the updates on a website as soon as they happen without having to come to a particular website.

Watch this video – it explains it all:

RSS in Plain English

Jun 142009
 June 14, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on New Porch and Greenhouse
Here are a few photos of the various home improvements we have been making. The porch has been totally replaced and the garage door will be replaced in about another two weeks. I have also (with Ian’s help) taken down the coal bunker and we are now storing all five bikes there. The last thing [...]
May 022009
 May 2, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on Family Photo

Below are various improvements to the only family photograph that we have.  Bill took it back in 2005, however he must have moved because the image in the original is slightly blurred – that is what I am trying to improve. 

I have tried various techniques in the Gimp and I think that with more work the grain merge technique looks the most promising – what do think?  I know it is too light but I think with more work I can correct this.  Which effort should I spend most time on?  I also tried cropping the image slightly in two of the images to remove the date…again what do you think?  I know that sharpening will enhance even the blurred edges so I think that’s out and I will also reduce the reflections in the glasses.

Please note these images are very low quality, so please don’t bother printing them.

Feb 222009
 February 22, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on Free Classic Media @

I just came across this great resource. It is full of creative commons media – that’s film, audio content and books. You could download old classic radio episodes and listen to them on your media player. You can legally download all the media in a variety of formats depending on your connection speed and how much resolution you want. I suggest you download the MPEG4 file and use VLC or mplayer to watch it.

Ian you should definitely take a look here. There is a vast range of content so take a look.