May 202007
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This afternoon we all went to Two Tree Island (which is here) to see AWSoM and the Essex Wildlife Trust event which was being run on the island. AWSoM was an impressive structure and the sounds were interesting and imaginative being triggered by wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and air pressure. Sounds had been [...]
Feb 172007
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The other week I gave a presentation at the MediaShed. Here is a report of the event and picture of me. Go there by clicking here.

Jul 162006
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I am now ready to share my new website with you all. You can find it here. In addition to what it says on the website we will also be selling:

  • LED products, eg jewellery items
  • t-shirts and other merchandise

and in the longer term we will also be designing and hosting websites for other micro-business in the local area although this will most probably be under a different brand.

At the MediaShed I am currently writing a document entitled "MediaShed Micro-Businesses". This will describe how we intend to support small-scale local businesses from their initial idea through to "going to market". We will also brand such businsess with a logo that says something like "Member of the MediaShed Business Network".

I am also involved in the setting up of a bricks and mortar shop at the MediaShed to sell the products and services that the businesses produce. Over the past week we have been thoroughly decorating the MediaShed to reflect the new theming of the new website.

Please note that the new MediaShed website goes live tomorrow.

Mar 262006
 March 26, 2006  Posted by  Comments Off on The MediaShed Launch Party

The Launch Party was a fantastic event. I stayed for the whole night and it was really interesting. Here are some links which summarise the event:

Hairy MPs

Telephone Trottoire

Nostalgie Yamboka

Eyebeam (NYC)

LED Throwies Video

How to make LED Throwies

Some photos of the event will be hosted in a directory here. All in all a very good night; I can't wait to make some LED Throwies!

Jan 262006
 January 26, 2006  Posted by  Comments Off on Getting the MediaShed Up and Running…

Derek setting up the Shed's firewall on a Gentoo box and Tony (behind the monitor) configuring the laser printer.