Feb 012017
 February 1, 2017  Posted by  Comments Off on It’s a girl!
We had a scan this morning and much to our surprise and delight the Sonographer informed us that we are expecting a baby girl. Freya will be very excited and with two boys and two girls we are too!
Oct 302016
 October 30, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Landal de Lommerbergen
Last week we took Freya and Ross to the Netherlands for a week, whilst Angus stayed at home with my parents. On Sunday 23 October after dinner we left sunny Southend and stayed at a Premier Inn and caught the Euro Tunnel the next morning. After a quick stop at the obligatory hypermarché to gather [...]
Aug 022014
 August 2, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Waxham Sands 2014
Last week from Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August we camped at our usual camp site at Waxham Sands. There was Mandy’s brother, children and his eldest girls boyfriend as well Mandy’s Mum and our mob. I took my racing bike on our carrier and went on two 30km rides to Happisburgh via Horsey [...]
Aug 312012
 August 31, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Pyjama Squashes
Here is a photo of some of Mandy’s Pyjama Squashes.  They are delicious and are a bit like vegetable spaghetti.
May 192012
 May 19, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on New Phone
Yesterday Mandy upgraded her old mobile from an HTC Desire to the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a lovely phone with Ice Cream Sandwich installed and no O2 bloatware 🙂 Incidentally I have also upgraded to a new phone – Mandy’s old one 🙁