Jun 222014
 June 22, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Raspberry Pi Jam
Yesterday Angus and myself went to TAP where we geeked out at the Raspberry Pi Jam. Angus learnt how to solder, brush up his Arduino skills and get some ideas for future projects. He also made up a patch cable. I have enrolled on a MOOC and am encouraging Ross and Angus to sign up for [...]
Apr 182009
 April 18, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on piratebay.org

With all the coverage of TPB in the media at the present time perhaps now is the time to look at alternatives.  I know that TPB is not going away soon whilst the appeals process is ongoing and the servers have been relocated to the Netherlands (and alternatives will pop-up) – but take a look at oneswarm. It’s available for Linux as well as windows.  I think some kind of anomynity giving client will be the future of p2p, whether it’s oneswarm or some other piece of software – it will happen.

Oneswarm is a friend-to-friend ‘darknet‘ file sharing protocol so will probably take off in university campuses first, you can watch a video here that explains oneswarm.

Apr 182007
 April 18, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Feisty Fawn
This is just to let you know that the next version of Ubuntu is out tomorrow (Thursday 19 April) and it’s codenamed Feisty Fawn, that’s 7.04. Go here to download it or here to have it sent to you for free on a CD.

I think it is really good and ready for practically all users, even if you’re not a geek. I have been running it for about 2 weeks whilst it was still in development and apart from some nvidia module mismatches it has performed flawlessly. This won’t happen to you if you download it tomorrow.

Please give it a try and experience some freedom. Start your exploration of Linux by reading The Open Source Definition and then you could post or read the answers to various question which you can search for on the Linux Questions Forum or the Ubuntu Forum. You can also view the videos about how to install Ubuntu here.

Nov 012006
 November 1, 2006  Posted by  Comments Off on I’ve got my laptop back and installed Slackware

My Mother bought a new laptop, so she gave me back the Dell Inspiron 3800. I downloaded Slackware 11.0 and put it on it and even got my wifi (Netgear WAG511) working with the madwifi drivers. I have WPA on it to boot! It's tons better than Windoze.

Sep 262006
 September 26, 2006  Posted by  Comments Off on Linux: How to Easily Reinstall Packages

Here’s a quick tip I learnt last week from the Lotta Linux Links podcast (Episode 20). This will work on all Debian based distributions. First of all produce a list of all the installed packages on the system by typing:

#dpkg –get-selections > /home/username/installed-software.log

This will redirect a list of all the packages into the file "installed-software.log". Then all you have to do in order to reinstall all the packages is type:

#dpkg –set-selections < /home/username/installed-software.log

Now that I have my /home on a separate partition and I back this up onto an external ubs hard drive and an internel ide hard drive, if I ever have to re-install my system I can just make a base install and then reinstall the list of packages. Simple!