Apr 182014
 April 18, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Legoland 2014
On Tuesday and Wednesday we all went to Legoland in Windsor and and had a pretty good time. Although in the time it took to get there we could have gone to Denmark! The weather was excellent and this probably caused the traffic problems and queues for the rides. That is why we bought 4 [...]
Apr 012012
 April 1, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Legoland 2012
Last Saturday we drove to Windsor in order to visit Legoland¬†as a trip to celebrate the boys’ birthday. There was a Star Wars theme for the whole weekend which was good, with about 50 extras dressed as characters from the films. If you were a real Star Wars geek it would have been heaven. Freya [...]
Jun 302008
 June 30, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on LegoLand 2008
Last Friday and Saturday we went to LegoLand. If Saturday wasn’t such a brilliant day I don’t think we would be going back. You see on Friday there were a lot of school parties and a lot of parents with children who had a ‘teacher training day’ at school. This meant that it was extremely [...]
Jun 252007
 June 25, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Legoland 2007
Because Thorpe Greenways Schools were shut (Friday was a non-pupil day) we all went to Legoland in Windsor. Ascot was on so we arrived late at Legoland at 11:30am – this was because there were road diversions for people going to Legoland. However, what with the weather being pretty awful, it may have been a [...]
Apr 122007
 April 12, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Good Lego Website

Angus found this great website which gives all the old plans for lego. He has spent hours in his bedroom with the laptop following the plans and using all of Mandy’s ancient lego pieces.