Oct 122012
 October 12, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Freya’s Operation..
Yesterday afternoon Great Ormond Street Hospital telephoned me to let us know that there was a cancellation and that Freya’s operation has been brought forward to Wednesday next week… They have booked us a room in their hotel on Tuesday night, because her operation is scheduled for 7:30am the next morning. So, we’ll probably have [...]
Jun 012012
 June 1, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Ross’ Appendicitis
Ross had his appendix removed at 8pm yesterday evening.  He is still in hospital at the moment, but hopefully will be coming home this evening. The photos were taken earlier this afternoon on my HTC Desire. Ross is now home (7:30pm) and off school for the next 2 weeks and all sports for a month.
Mar 262008
 March 26, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Ross Isn’t Ill
Ross is much better as you can see from the photograph. He has been off since Good Friday and it is now time for him to return. The photograph was taken using my new Canon 400d. I will need a bit of practice with it, because it is a long time since I used an [...]
Apr 082007
 April 8, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Happy Easter
Today we are on our way to pick up the boys from my parents. We were supposed to go yesterday, but Mandy and Freya have had a bad cold or flu (depending on your perspective). We did venture out yesterday (Saturday) to the Pearl Dragon and had Dim Sum which was good. I think I [...]
May 262006
 May 26, 2006  Posted by  Comments Off on Guess What?
Ross now has Chicken-Pox and has even more spots than Angus had. About half of Ross's pre-school have got it. We will have to see if he is well enough to visit my parents on Friday – here's hoping. We'll are going to have even more fun this half-term!