Jul 212017
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Ross has just passed his certification for the CompTIA A+. This is two exams and Ross is the youngest person ever to do this at Shoeburyness High School. He received the Headmasters pen in recognition of this.
May 192012
 May 19, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on New Phone
Yesterday Mandy upgraded her old mobile from an HTC Desire to the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a lovely phone with Ice Cream Sandwich installed and no O2 bloatware 🙂 Incidentally I have also upgraded to a new phone – Mandy’s old one 🙁
Apr 182009
 April 18, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on piratebay.org

With all the coverage of TPB in the media at the present time perhaps now is the time to look at alternatives.  I know that TPB is not going away soon whilst the appeals process is ongoing and the servers have been relocated to the Netherlands (and alternatives will pop-up) – but take a look at oneswarm. It’s available for Linux as well as windows.  I think some kind of anomynity giving client will be the future of p2p, whether it’s oneswarm or some other piece of software – it will happen.

Oneswarm is a friend-to-friend ‘darknet‘ file sharing protocol so will probably take off in university campuses first, you can watch a video here that explains oneswarm.

Apr 082009
 April 8, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on What’s with the theme?

style of the Moleskine notebooks – I think it’s kinda steampunk

Why?  Just because I fancied a change.  I have altered the theme not to underline any links and also changed the home logo at the top of this page to a hat.  I am going to perfect my php and css skills so that I can create themes myself – so one day there will be a RAM Theme.

I don’t care that:

Although Moleskine srl claims their notebook has been used by well-known artists and writers, such as Picasso, Matisse, Kurakin and Hemingway,
the brand Moleskine was officially registered only in 1996. Francesco
Franceschi, head of Modo & Modo’s marketing department, was quoted
as saying, “It’s an exaggeration. It’s marketing, not science. It’s not
the absolute truth.”

I just like the theme!

Mar 252009
 March 25, 2009  Posted by  Comments Off on Knots

I was reading my rss feeds the other day and came across this website which led me onto this one. I now tie my shoe laces with Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot.

It doesn’t take any longer and is far more secure – and I don’t have to retie my shoes during the day.