Sep 052017
 September 5, 2017  Posted by  Comments Off on Freya’s First Day at ‘Big’ School
It was Freya’s first day at Shoeburyness High School, so here are the obligatory photos!
Oct 302016
 October 30, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Landal de Lommerbergen
Last week we took Freya and Ross to the Netherlands for a week, whilst Angus stayed at home with my parents. On Sunday 23 October after dinner we left sunny Southend and stayed at a Premier Inn and caught the Euro Tunnel the next morning. After a quick stop at the obligatory hypermarché to gather [...]
Jun 202016
 June 20, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Freya is in France
Here is a link to the French Music Trip. She went yesterday and returns on Thursday evening.
Apr 242016
 April 24, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Freya is a Mermaid
It was Freya’ 10th Birthday on Friday, however she had miraculously transformed into a mermaid!
Jun 092014
 June 9, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Little Mermaid
Yesterday evening whilst I was swimming with some friends Freya transformed herself into a mermaid.