May 092008
 May 9, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Setting Drupal Cron Jobs in SiteGround

I was finally able to get my cron jobs running in Drupal 5.7 (I previously had them working in Drupal 5.2), but when I upgraded they stopped working. I previously had cron run the lynx script, but that now doesn’t appear to work. I tried pretty much everything.

Then I did a search of blogs and found Jeff Briar-Hills’ blog and it produced the elusive answer. What you need to do is put the following in the cron job which can be found within the cPanel menu:

45 * * * * wget -O –

I have put this here to remind me during future updates.

Please note that I am using SiteGround for web hosting.

Mar 272007
 March 27, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Playin’ with Themes

You may have noticed the theming of this site has been changing nearly every day. That is because I am trying to find a good theme for my blog. Leave a comment if you have a preference.

This theme is called ‘Garamond’, the previous one is called ‘Glossy Blue’ and I will probably try customising a theme called ‘Garland’.

I know that some of you (those who don’t like change 🙂 prefer a theme called ‘Slash’ – I may make it possible for you to select a theme once you have logged in – then of course you have to log in. However I feel that ‘Slash’ is a little old fashioned.