Aug 022014
 August 2, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Waxham Sands 2014
Last week from Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August we camped at our usual camp site at Waxham Sands. There was Mandy’s brother, children and his eldest girls boyfriend as well Mandy’s Mum and our mob. I took my racing bike on our carrier and went on two 30km rides to Happisburgh via Horsey [...]
Mar 082014
 March 8, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on My Birthday
Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and Mandy made me these fabulous socks. They are so soft and I love the ribbing 🙂
Aug 272012
 August 27, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Tie Dyeing
On Friday Kim and Rebekah joined us on a tie dying and bleaching extravaganza. I used a couple of old t-shirts which were dark in colour and then bleached them ala Urban Outfitters and now I’ll get another 2 years wear out of them – that’s 10 years in total :-* I’ll probably put a [...]
Apr 012012
 April 1, 2012  Posted by  Comments Off on Owl Jumper
Mandy recently completed this Owl Jumper.