Nov 152008
 November 15, 2008  Posted by  Comments Off on Bonfire Night 2008
Last night we tried to have our annual bonfire night party at Gran’s house. However, because the wind was in the wrong direction we had to reduce the size of the fire because a stable complained that the smoke was affecting their horses. We did the usual things: sparklers, jacket potatoes, pumpkin soup and chestnuts. [...]
Nov 052007
 November 5, 2007  Posted by  Comments Off on Bonfire 2007
On Saturday we all went over to Angela’s house for a big bonfire, chesnuts and baked potato and Mandy made her chickpea and leek soup as well.
Nov 052006
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Mandy and the boys went over to her Mother's house for a bonfire party. They had fireworks, sparklers, a bonfire, pumpkin soup and bonfire baked potatoes. I however stayed at home with Freya and kept her warm.
Nov 132005
 November 13, 2005  Posted by  Comments Off on Bonfire Party
Because of the rain last weekend we all went to a Bonfire Party at Mandy’s Mothers house today. We built the bonfire, then had some sparklers, roasted some marshmallows and cooked some potatoes in the bonfire. After this we ate some chesnuts and had a bowl of soup that Mandy brought with us. The group [...]