Jan 072017
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I went back to the endless pool at Swim Canary Wharf last Thursday lunchtime. Here are the videos from that coaching session. I have definitely improved since my first session and my stroke is much more efficient. I know this from the amount of effort I put in.

I think that part of the benefits of coaching is paying a significant amount of money means that I put a lot of effort into my homework.

The homework is in itself pretty boring and repetitive, but necessary if you want to improve. I am often pretty slow in the pool and I am having to turn off that racing mentality and just stick to the drills. This does mean not getting into races with pepes in the pool – what I am trying to do is to teach an old dog new tricks which is hard!

Here’s what I’ll be up to in the pool for the next month:

Nov 032016
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Saw a moving installation today which is part of the Remembrance Art Trail.
Nov 032016
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I went to see Ray Gibbs at Swim Canary Wharf at lunchtime today. It was definitely very worthwhile and now I have my homework to do!

Here are the videos that Ray took and which I am digesting…

and here’s my homework

Oct 302016
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Last week we took Freya and Ross to the Netherlands for a week, whilst Angus stayed at home with my parents. On Sunday 23 October after dinner we left sunny Southend and stayed at a Premier Inn and caught the Euro Tunnel the next morning. After a quick stop at the obligatory hypermarché to gather [...]
Jul 272016
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Here’s a great photo of Ross…