Apr 242016
 April 24, 2016  Posted by  Comments Off on Freya is a Mermaid
It was Freya’ 10th Birthday on Friday, however she had miraculously transformed into a mermaid!
Aug 022014
 August 2, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Waxham Sands 2014
Last week from Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August we camped at our usual camp site at Waxham Sands. There was Mandy’s brother, children and his eldest girls boyfriend as well Mandy’s Mum and our mob. I took my racing bike on our carrier and went on two 30km rides to Happisburgh via Horsey [...]
Jul 132014
 July 13, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Frog
Mandy and Freya found a little friend by the greenhouse this morning.
Jun 242014
 June 24, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on Swim from the Bastion
This morning I had a swim with these people (who are mostly Redcaps). We swam up to Thorpe Bay Yacht Club from just opposite Burges Terrace (Bastion), so that’s about 2km. We did it in just under 40mins. I was the only skins swimmer, but I think a few of the others are contemplating ditching [...]
Jun 222014
 June 22, 2014  Posted by  Comments Off on NY Hot Dog
On Sunday, with Mandy still away, I thought I would try out NY Hot Dogs which is almost opposite the Pier. It’s just opened and I thought it would be good, because of what I’ve read on the web: gourmet hotdogs? Is there such a thing… How wrong can you be? Firstly it’s almost next [...]