Apr 182014
 Legoland 2014  April 18, 2014  Posted by at 8:36 am blog Tagged with: , , , ,  No Responses »
On Tuesday and Wednesday we all went to Legoland in Windsor and and had a pretty good time. Although in the time it took to get there we could have gone to Denmark! The weather was excellent and this probably caused the traffic problems and queues for the rides. That is why we bought 4 [...]
Apr 102014
 Keukenhof  April 10, 2014  Posted by at 1:06 pm blog Tagged with:  Comments Off
Yesterday Mandy, Freya, Angela (Mandy’s Mum) and Amy (Mandy’s sister) went on a day-trip to Keukenhof in the Netherlands. They flew on EasyJet at 7:25am from Southend to Schipol and returned to Southend at 7:20pm. They had a great time and will probably fly to the Eden Project next time…